What kinds of liquids can I use in my Drink E-Z bottle?

Coarsely blended smoothies and milkshakes are too thick for the micro-pump to handle, BUT store-bought finely ground smoothies and thinner drinks are OK.

We have implemented a 3-speed control switch that will adjust the flow rate to whatever you are most comfortable with, depending on the liquid in the bottle.

How do I wash the Drink E-Z bottle?

All the components of the bottle are dishwasher safe, except for the base. We recommend you fill a bowl, or your sink, with hot soapy water so you can submerse the base and cycle the pump for 20 to 30 seconds. As for the straw, we have included a straw cleaning brush to ensure the best sanitation process.

Please see our INSTRUCTION MANUAL for more detailed cleaning instructions:


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What is a double walled bottle?

A double wall bottle helps retain the beverages temperature inside while keeping the outside free from sweating and condensation. This is achieved by a construction that contains both an inner and outer wall.

What material is DRINK E-Z made from?

The inner wall is made of #304 stainless steel, outer wall is made of #201 stainless steel, as well as food grade ABS plastics and a medical grade pump.

Are batteries included?

Absolutely! We want to make your life easier, not harder.

How long will the batteries last in the cup before they should be replaced?

About 4.22 hours without releasing the button. Our energy efficient medical grade pumps have a low voltage power draw, which allows the cup to be used for extended periods of time before you should replace the batteries. For frequent usage (daily), the batteries should last approximately 2-3 months. For occasional usage, the batteries should last approximately 3-5 months.

What is your return policy?

We stand by our product. We offer retail customers (purchasing directly from drinke-z.com) 30 days for a refund.

What is the warranty for Drink E-Z Products?

We offer a 30 day warranty against manufacturing defects. Please see our warranty page for more detailed information.